The Korner Collective

10 weeks of simple shifts that will change your life.

Join a community of women ready to live confidently and reach their goals without overwhelm.

Enrollment is open and spots are LIMITED. 

You’ve spent days and nights wondering if you’ll ever have time for you, for your goals, for the things you want to accomplish in life. You’ve made the plan, scheduled it in, but only to find yourself restarting over and over and over….


You wonder if you’ll ever reach that end goal. You wonder if you’re capable, worthy, or able.You have a hard time trying to balance the stressors of everyday life, a family, and your mental health. You try so hard to do it all, but for every one step forward, it’s 5 back.


You’ve tried to read all the books, slam on the keyboard searching in Google, and gain inspiration from scrolling through Instagram, but then again, you just end up right where you were before - overwhelmed, anxious, and doubting yourself.


This is where most moms go wrong:


They settle. They think that this is how it’s “supposed” to be.


The Korner Collective


The Korner Collective is a 10-week program designed give you a solid foundation that will leave you worrying less and having the confidence you've been waiting for to finally take action in your life. Not only do you work with me, but you will have a community of amazing women behind you. Every week, you will have a 1-hour Zoom call where you get to work face to face with me.  Most importantly, you will be able to see your true value and build your dreams with the skillsets and tools you need to succeed.

When you join this Korner, you receive:

✨ 10 weekly 1-hour sessions with Kelsea $2500

 Downloadable PDF Workbook $49

✨A copy of my book Below The Surface $13

✨Access to my Time Management course $72

✨Access to my Overcoming Mom Guilt course $72

✨ Access to video replay of each session $1500



✨ My Time Management Tool Kit

✨ The Ultimate Productivity Guide

✨ Access to my Facebook Group

✨ Unlimited email access for any questions


Total Value = $4026

"This is the thing I needed without knowing I really needed it. I like to think I'm pretty balanced and stable enough, but I went in with an open mind and came back more confident and feeling WAY better about myself than I did before."


I want in the Korner Collective!

The Korner Collective Is For You If:


✅ You feel overwhelmed and stuck in day to day living. You want specific tools to take action and breakthrough the things that have held you back.

✅ You are struggling with trying to be everything to everyone. You want to learn how to prioritize yourself, but you don't know where to start.

✅ You want to learn the skills needed to set and achieve goals, build habits that stick and create consistency in your life.

"The sense of community that was built so instantly is incredible. It's really amazing to see that even though we all live such different lives, we all experience the same struggles and together we can get through anything."


I want in the Korner Collective!

In The Korner Collective, You Will Become Crystal Clear On:


👉 What prioritizing yourself actually looks like and how to take ownership for your current situation to put you back in the drivers seat of your life.

👉 What steps you have to take to achieve the goals and dreams you have for yourself and how to fit those steps into your life.

👉 How to create habits that are sustainable and help you build momentum to make you confident and proud.

"If you need help with growing past your triggers or would like skills to achieve your goals this is the collective for them."


I want in the Korner Collective!

The Korner Collective Is NOT For You If:


❌ You are not interested in taking any sort of responsibility or ownership to breakthrough where you are currently.

❌ You don't want to take action and make a change that will ensure long term growth and development.

❌ You don't care about learning new tools or skills to navigate situations that are recurring in your life.

"You are worth investing in yourself. You will learn valuable tools that you will take with you forever more."


I want in the Korner Collective!