You created your business as a pathway to craft your legacy and you have a vision of continued growth…


You are wearing multiple hats, committed to expansion in your business... and in your life.


You desire contentment and presence with your life as you continue to reach and influence more people with your business…


You want deeper connection with yourself and the people you love as your visibility grows...   


And there is a new way, a different way to stay committed to your business… without sacrificing yourself.


An experience where you can be wildly committed to your leadership and business while also creating more space, presence and peace.


A sisterhood that creates the roadmap for wealth, freedom, deeper relationships, and fulfillment.


An opportunity for you to rise to your potential, step into your power and live your purpose not just as a CEO but as the woman you desire. to be.

Sound like you? Listen to how powerful women like you have taken these same next steps & changed the game for their business. 

Say No More, I'm IN!
The PowHER United Mastermind is NOT "just another mastermind for coaches"…


It is a unique blend of LEADERS spread throughout industries…


An intimate experience at a wholesome table filled with powerful business owners that will light up your soul and give you the roadmap for the next level of your business…

This is an experience where strategy meets heart for tactical action steps and mind blowing breakthroughs.


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Hi! I’m Kelsea Koenreich! 

I’ve gone from nightly binge-drinking and three arrests to author, speaker, successful entrepreneur, wife and mom of 3.
After 10 years of self-sabotage I turned my life around and haven’t looked back, I was given a second chance at life and have made it my mission to help women step into and reach the potential that was meant for them.
I teach powerful female CEO’s how to build true freedom by identifying gaps, utilizing emotional intelligence, and bringing 11 years of coaching experience to the table.
Together we align and optimize the business, to create a better life and bigger legacy.
In my experience I’ve seen many women sacrifice their health, well-being and relationships in order to grow their businesses, and I’ve taken a stand against having to choose and instead insist we are deserving of HAVING IT ALL.
I'm here today to help you to craft your unique path so that you can move higher, faster and become the most successful version of yourself.

This is where a new level of expertise and brilliant minds come together to create expansion in business while becoming the best CEO, mother, wife, sister, daughter…and HUMAN you are meant to be.

The only barrier for entry is you being committed to the bigger business AND the more fulfilling life… you are no longer willing to sacrifice one for the other.

Every month you get..

  • 2 calls with your mastermind sisters where you will receive coaching, support and guidance from Kelsea as well as feedback and new perspectives that create momentum and growth. 
  • 1 private call with Kelsea to take an in-depth look at where you are, where you are headed and map out how you are getting there.
  • Unlimited Monday-Friday back pocket coaching through Voxer, get the questions and guidance you need easily with the click of a button without adding to your calendar.
Say No More, I'm In!

More Wins, Breakthroughs, & Transformations From REAL Women Just Like You!

More Wins, Breakthroughs, & Transformations From REAL Women Just Like You!

In our 6 months together we will…

✔️ Clear the clutter that is holding your business back, taking an in-depth look at your current business model, offerings, systems and standards to build a rock solid future-proof foundation.

✔️ Optimize your schedule and how you are spending your time to improve your productivity, efficiency and create space in your days for more of what you want.

✔️ Create a strategy to expand your business beyond where it is now, getting clear on what you need to be doing as the CEO to move the needle forward.

✔️ Expand your leadership by developing your communication, getting clear on your boundaries and making sure your team is aligned with and working to create the vision.

✔️ Take an honest inventory of the areas that have been disregarded, inside and outside of your business, so that you are the most confident and powerful version of yourself.

✔️ Develop a plan to execute that puts you in your full-powered seat of CEO, building out whatever support that is necessary for you to elevate and craft the bigger picture.

We are diving in deep, so that you can feel a full body EXHALE knowing that this is no longer all on you to figure out. You will be surrounded by support and guidance so at the end of the day your life FEELS GOOD.

I'm Ready!



Masterclass Bundle (Value: $1111)

  • Power Source: Plugging Back into YOU for Expansive Wealth

  • Activated: Ignite and Bring to Life the Potential Within You


PowHER Training Library (Value: $5555)


Over 50 Trainings with Strategic Steps and Mindset Shifts to Elevate Your Leadership and Expand Your Business

Hear about the transformation from recent clients who made the decision to shift their business & their lives by working with me! 

This Is The Transformation I Need!

The PowHER United Mastermind is for the CEO who….

→ Is ready to embrace her full power and ditch the overwhelm that comes with running a business.

→ Desires more connection, support and guidance to make scaling a business and managing growth feel easier.

→ Is devoted to achieving more and wants to do it without taking away from something (or someone) else.

The PowHER United Mastermind is NOT for the woman who….

→ Enjoys being stagnant and has no desire to create something bigger.

→ Doesn’t want to lead her team or communicate more effectively.

→ Thinks that the right time will magically appear for her to grow.

More Wins, Breakthroughs, & Transformations From REAL Women Just Like You!

More Wins, Breakthroughs, & Transformations From REAL Women Just Like You!


12 Monthly Payments

2 Mastermind Group Calls Per Month (Value: $1777)

1 Private 1:1 Call Per Month (Value: $1111)

Unlimited M-F Voxer Access (Value: $1999)

Access To The Training Library (Value: $5555)

Masterclass Bundle (Value: $1111)

TOTAL VALUE = $11,553

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6 Monthly Payments

2 Mastermind Group Calls Per Month (Value: $1777)

1 Private 1:1 Call Per Month (Value: $1111)

Unlimited M-F Voxer Access (Value: $1999)

Access To The Training Library (Value: $5555)

Masterclass Bundle (Value: $1111)

TOTAL VALUE = $11,553

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6 Months Paid In Full

2 Mastermind Group Calls Per Month (Value: $10,662)

1 Private 1:1 Call Per Month (Value: $6666)

Unlimited M-F Voxer Access (Value: $11,994)

Access To The Training Library (Value: $5555)

Masterclass Bundle (Value: $1111)

TOTAL VALUE = $35,988

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Money-Back Guarantee

If at the end of our 6 month journey you aren’t happy with your experience, we will refund you. I am deeply invested in my clients and their results, and I believe in the transformation that is possible in our work together.

I guarantee a transformation of a lifetime that will open opportunities for new levels of wealth, deepen your relationships and enrich your life. If you commit and stay consistent. 

I will not use slimy marketing promising 7+ figure years, and I won’t contribute to the problem of under-delivering. My guarantee in our work together is that you will enter as one woman and leave as an entire new version of yourself.

 Have questions before jumping into The PowHer United Mastermind?

Take a look below into our most frequently asked questions.

I know investing in your business can bring up fear, but here’s the truth… 

Getting in the room with a mentor who sees you and will hold you to a higher standard will change your life. The women who are where you desire to be, are there because they showed up and asked for support.

Maybe you are looking at your calendar thinking, how will this fit?

This is the exact reason why looking at where and how you are spending your time is part of our work together - anything you want to do for you and your business there should always be space for. Your desires will no longer be on the backburner.

Or maybe you’ve invested before and been burned (I’ve been there!) but if there is one thing that separates me from the rest, it is how deeply I care about YOU and I am just as invested in your results as you are. My intention is to get you where you desire to be, period.

This is your reminder to feel the discomfort and make an empowering choice that will change the trajectory of your life.

If you're hesitant to take the next steps, listen to these transformations my clients have made after finally taking the leap.

I'm Ready For MY Transformation!

These 6 months together will serve you to become who you are meant to be, unlock your full potential as a CEO and scale your business to the vision you’ve been holding.

Give yourself permission to honor your YES so that you can experience how much further you can go when you aren’t trying to go alone. (I see you high-achieving, independent, bad-ass woman!)


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