Balance Your Life 101: Physical Health Starts Mentally

$397 ($997 Value)

Are you tired of being everything to everyone but yourself?

This 6 module course is made up of 8 videos each with a coinciding worksheet to help you learn.

In this course you will:

- learn why you haven’t taken the first step towards your goals

- learn ways to move past the fear and guilt that comes with prioritizing yourself

- gain clarity in why you haven't been successful in finding balance in your life.

- Receive actionable and sustainable tools to implement so you can build the life you want

When you complete the course:

-You will know why you haven’t been successful in the past and what action to take to get started.

-You will have a clear picture of how prioritizing yourself shows up in your life.

-You will have confidence in your choices and stop people pleasing.

-You will have a practical plan to  reach the goals you keep setting for yourself


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The Overcoming Mom Guilt course is for you if...

- have time for yourself to focus on what YOU want

- have confidence in your choices in your day to day and for your children

- do the things for yourself without feeling guilty because of the kids

- take action on your purpose outside of motherhood without worry

- be able to ask for help and feel assured you are making the right choice